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Beautiful Mission San Diego & Coronado Ferry Landing Engagement Session

Updated: May 29, 2018

Mission San Diego, engagement, photography, love, kiss, San Diego

How they met

Ashley and Zack were both invited to their co-worker's wedding, only Zack did not attend. While there, a mutual friend and co-worker asked Ashley where her date was? She quickly responded that she was single was loving her new life in San Diego. Her co-worker then proceeded to tell her about a guy named Zack, who also worked with them. She went on and on about how he was the funniest guy she had ever met. Turns out, he was also single! Ashley concealed her excitement and casually told the friend to give him her phone number.

Three days later, Zack requested Ashley on Facebook. She pretended not to notice for two days, but anxiously accepted. Finally, Zack made his big move and asked Ashley for her number. He called her and they talked for an hour. As Ashley recalls, this was an amazing hour-long conversation. Come to find out, Zack’s recollection was a little different. He later told Ashley that he remembers her rambling on for an hour about her perfect cats.

On their first date, Zack had planned to take Ashley to sushi, but after arriving and seeing an hour wait, they left and drove to Yard House, which is still one of their favorite places to this day. It was already clear at this point how well they would complement each other when Ashley, being from Buffalo, had to give Zack directions to the restaurant, even though he was born and raised in San Diego. Ashley was already opening up Zack’s comfort zone by having him venture to an unfamiliar part of town.

The two quickly fell in love, going on countless adventures together.

Their engagement

On June 29, 2016, Zack took Ashley on her favorite beach hike. It seemed like any other Wednesday, as they had done this hike together often, but this time, Zack got down on one knee (well, not all the way down due to his bad knees from many years of neighborhood skateboarding) and with her grandmother’s diamond he yelled, "Look, a whale!". She turned to look, but there was no whale, and when she turned back to him, he asked Ashley to be his forever best friend. She quickly said yes and the rest is history!

Mission San Diego, engagement, San Diego, ring

Their engagement session

Ashley and Zack live across the street from Mission San Diego, it also hold a special place in Ashley's heart with a connection to her grandmother. They were troopers in the midst of a heat wave in San Diego, we strolled around the beautiful gardens catching the sunlight like in Ashley's hair giving her an angelic look.

These two are such goofballs at heart, it took awhile to shake the awkward cobwebs off and then it was magic from there on out.

We decided to shoot two locations and headed over to the Coronado Ferry Landing to cool off and get those classic views of the San Diego skyline.

...and off into the #sunset they went.

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