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Pregnancy Announcement Beach Session

I've had the pleasure of documenting many of my friends 'big' moments in life. This one has been the most exciting in 2020! My two dear friends found out mid-summer they were expecting.

The day Kristin told me, we were sitting outside at a restaurant and I screamed so loud, the table of women next to us asked what was going on. There we tears, hugs and congratulations all around.

When Kristin asked if I would help them with their announcement photos I was THRILLED! I told her I had the perfect spot in mind. Knowing how much she loves the ocean and what her aesthetic is, this beautiful quiet little beach severed as the perfect backdrop to tell the world they are expecting.

We met up VERY early on a warm summer morning. The fog and smokey skies from fires north of San Diego allowed just enough light to capture some beautifully dreamy backlit shots as the sun slowly creeped its way above the houses...making Kristin look like the goddess that she is (stay tuned for their maternity shoot that looks like a scene out of a Midsummer Night's Dream).

Matt and Kristin are a naturally affectionate couple which allowed me to show them a pose or two and then give them minor direction from there, capturing the magic they have between them.

I'm such a sucker for love -- and even more so for the love people didn't even know they could give. I cannot wait to see these two become parents, only a few more weeks to go!

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