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Sunset Cliffs & Ocean Beach Pier Sunset Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach Pier, Engagement Session, Engagement Photography, San Diego

How they met

Karen and Chris went to the same college back in New York in 2004. They lived in the same freshman dorm, even the same floor, but this is not where their love began.

Fast forward nine years and 3,000 miles to sunny San Diego, CA. It's now 2013 and Halloween weekend. Another co-ed from their college had been Facebook messaging with Chris hoping to meet up with him. He came and met them out and it was Karen who caught his eye. That weekend kicked off their love and they never looked back!

The proposal

On Labor Day weekend 2015, Chris and Karen took their annual trip to his family's charming lake house just outside of Albany, NY. They went on a sunset canoe ride; that Karen thought was her idea, unbeknownst to her Chris had plans of his own. They came to a secluded area of the lake, where Chris gave Karen the surprise of her life and pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him!

Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach Pier, Engagement Session, Engagement Photography, San Diego

Their engagement session

Karen and Chris both grew up on the east coast and knew they wanted to get married there too but wanted to capture where their love really began. Chris lived in Ocean Beach and the two spent a lot of their time there as well, so it will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Of course one of the most iconic places to catch a sunset in San Diego happens to be right in Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs. Only, the date we chose happened to be one of the neighborhood's favorite "holidays" - 420. These two were champs working with me to dodge all of the people who happened to be out that evening. It's not easy to show your love in front of those who know you, let alone thousands of strangers who were lining the beach that evening.

We laughed the entire time at how we all didn't even think of how busy it was going to be that night but we managed to capture some amazing moments that were just between these two!

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